Satish Gujaran

Mumbai’s Satish Gujaran’s tale is that of inspiration and motivation! A popular figure among the athletes in India, Satish Gujaran says running a marathon is more a ‘Mind over Matter’ ethos. He earnestly propagates “Healthy Running” as an important part of a runner’s life.:
I like running….
Born for the ‘Track’ Satish Gujaran runs few times a week to keep up his stamina and energy. Calling running “Mother of all Sports”, Satish is making ‘Healthy Running” his mission to create awareness to take care of one’s health before running. He urges us to get sued to discipline, planning a schedule and sticking to it, and finally training intelligently to achieve your target.
He motivates:
“The day you run the race you will realize what happiness and perseverance are when you are fighting your body and mind, and pushing each muscle in your body to reach that finish line. You will learn not to give up and this will become a habit not only while running but in your life too…in everything that you do. And the day you start inspiring another person to hit the road you will never need to be pushed ever again.
Born in Udupi (Mangalore), Satish was never really inclined towards sports. Even though he occasionally did play a game of badminton and cricket, sports and essentially running did not occupy his mind. In fact, his lifestyle was far from healthy; he was a chain smoker. Though he had tried hard to stop smoking, he could not. One day his friend Dereck, who is an avid runner, coaxed him to start running just to help him kick the smoking habit. He would personally train Satish, making him run and alternate it with walking. Eventually running consistently and attending the Inner Engineering Course at Isha Foundations helped him give up smoking. Like most beginners, Satish began running simply because it was fun. Truth be told, Satish wasn’t even able to finish his first 21K Marathon. But he pursued to run and run, till finally running became an integral part of his life.
On Happiness:
He says “Happiness does not depend on others. It solely depends on you and your state of mind. Happiness is the key to open all the doors of your life towards prosperity, growth and success.”
Winning Laurels:
He was again winning laurels when he won his fourth bronze medal at the Comrades Marathon in the year 2013 simply through determination and will power. Satish Gujaran is already the proud owner of three bronze medals for completing by 11 hours earlier for the same race. But his best timing at the race came in 2012 when he clocked the race within the time span of 9 hours and 45 minutes. His longest distance marathon run was 89 km for Comrades Marathon.
Winning Mantra:
An Isha volunteer, Satish has also run Ultra Marathons of 89 km. Being 6 times successful Comrades Marathon winner, Gujaran, at times, shares some hot tips and motivation for the Ultra- Marathon runners. His main mantra is that ‘Running is mind over matter’.
He strongly believes is that our mind is a very important tool to win & it cab be achieved through a race and across the finishing line. He strongly suggests that the new crop of Ultra-Marathon runners be mentally prepared as he believes confidence comes on your preparedness.
These motivational tips have encouraged a vast many runners who are aiming to walk in the inspirational path of Satish Gujaran.
What drives him…
Satish motivates himself by pushing his limits. Inspiring stories of other runners push him to better himself. He loves to read about them, their achievements, their sacrifices for perfection, and their goals. Running as a sport involves discipline, pain and a lot of hard work. Reading about legends and upcoming runners keeps him on his feet… running.

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